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Broadway Boulevard to become dual carriageway

Posted on Tuesday, 14th Jun 2016

Broadway Boulevard is one of the main arteries in Strand and serves as an access route to the N2 freeway and Gordon’s Bay.

"Residents from Strand are well acquainted with the traffic congestion along Broadway Boulevard during the morning and afternoon peak-hour periods. Transport for Cape Town (TCT) has identified this artery as one of the roads in need of investment – firstly to provide relief for those who are using this road to get to where they need to be, and secondly to accommodate the expected increase in traffic in future," said Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.

Pressure point in the city

The city’s Congestion Management Programme that was approved by council on 10 December 2015 prioritised Broadway Boulevard in Strand as one of the pressure points in the city. The programme dictates how TCT will spend an additional R750m over a period of five years for road infrastructure projects to address traffic congestion.

"The tender process for the Broadway Boulevard project has been finalised and I am happy to announce that the contractor will be on site within the next three weeks to commence with the roadworks. This is a major investment in the Strand road infrastructure. It will take at least 30 months to complete if everything goes as planned. I request that residents and visitors to the area please be patient as delays and inconvenience are part and parcel of any project of this nature," said Herron.

Broadway Boulevard will be turned into a dual carriageway between the intersection with Main Road (R44) and Beach Road, with an island separating the two carriageways.

All in all, an additional 5km of road will be constructed.

"The project will be done in phases to minimise the inconvenience to road users. First we will commence with the roadworks along the Strand golf course at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Beach Road. Apart from the two additional lanes to be constructed, we will also install stormwater infrastructure along Broadlands Road and widen the intersection with Altena Road," said Herron.

Traffic signals will be installed and upgraded at seven intersections:
  • Broadway Boulevard and Beach Road
  • Broadway Boulevard and Victoria Street
  • Broadway Boulevard and Da Gama Street
  • Broadway Boulevard and Sarel Cilliers Street
  • Broadway Boulevard and Main Road
  • Broadway Boulevard and Altena Road
  • Broadway Boulevard and George Street

"The traffic signals will make it easier and safer for motorists to turn into Broadway Boulevard or to turn into the side streets if they are driving along Broadway Boulevard. Apart from universally accessible walkways and street lighting on both sides of the dual carriageway, we will also provide cycle lanes in the shoulders of the outer lanes," said Herron.

Broadway Boulevard will be open to traffic during the construction period, however, some of the intersections will be closed at times and traffic will be deviated as and when needed.

"The project is to be completed by the end of 2018, pending any unforeseen challenges or delays. I want to thank residents in advance for their patience during this period. We are aware that the roadworks will cause some inconvenience, but once completed, residents and visitors to this area will greatly benefit from this project," said Herron.

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